Sunday, March 15, 2009

"Let the Right Ones In" Fairytale meets Vampire-No Glitz, just great Story telling

I know this movie has been seen by most people, but I just saw it last night, so this review is for all the other hermits like myself.
I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. No, it's not fast paced. No, there are no amazing mind-blowing special effects. No, there are no big fuckin' stars,which may be one of main reasons why this movie is as good as it is.
What this movie does have is a fabulous vampire fairytale, presented to you in a simple, straight forward, and honest way. Told through the eyes of children living in a adult's self center world. I usually HATE sappy coming-of-age stories, but this is one without the syrupy nonsense that I find so irritating.
I suggest that you see the film in it's original format before it's destroyed by the American re-make (yes- they are doing an American version of the movie).

Let the Right One In

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